Window to the Wild - Lindsey McNeny

Lindsey, a co-founder of Window to the Wild, grew up in Michigan and as a child she developed a passion for animals. She always dreamed of one day owning her own company where she could help animals and their environment all around the world. Lindsey graduated from Siena Heights University and earned a Bachelor's degree in Biology. After graduation she did a nine month internship at a wildlife refuge with many different types of exotic animals, including lions, tigers and bears. Following this internship, she started working as a keeper at the Toledo Zoo where she met up with Natural Encounters, Inc. who were producing a bird show there. In 2003 she was hired to work at the show and was hired as a full time trainer shortly thereafter. Lindsey worked for NEI for 10 years, with 4 years being a supervisor and has produced, choreographed, and performed animal shows all across the country at zoos including San Diego (which won an award in 2009 for "Best Overall Production between $300,001-$500,000 at IAAPA), Toledo, Beardsley Zoo in Connecticut, Philadelphia, Dallas, and a free flight bird show at the State Fair of Texas. She has also worked as a trainer and performed animal shows for the L.A. Zoo, Birds and Animals Unlimited "Animal Planet Live" show at Universal Studios Hollywood, Disney's Animal Kingdom and the Phoenix Zoo. NEI and Birds and Animals Unlimited are known as the best animal training companies in the world. Working at these incredible places she has gained so much knowledge on training and producing shows now she is ready to use this information for our company. She has learned the ins and outs of this business and has seen what gets people excited about animals and what promotes people to help them in the wild and to conserve their environment.


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