John Murray

MLF Professional Bass Angler

John has been a full time professional angler since 1985 fishing local, regional and national tournament circuits like Won Bass, FLW and the Bassmaster Elite Series. At one time, John was being called the ironman since he was fishing both FLW and the Bassmaster Elite Series the same year. John is the only professional angler to win a fully rigged bass boat on every major western waterway from New Mexico to Washington totaling 31. He has qualified for the Bassmaster Classic 7 times and is a 2 time US Open Champion and has earned $3 Million during his career.John lives in Spring City, Tennessee with his wife Amy and Son TJ. His hobbies include Saltwater fishing and watching Baseball. John has developed a strength many anglers have difficulty with and that is Deep Structure fishing which is a necessity fishing the deep clear reservoirs in the west. John has had an opportunity to fish from one side of the country to the other and his favorite two lakes are Lake Mead in Nevada and Lake Erie.


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