Troy "Fish Slim" Becker

Local Saugeye Legend


Troy “Fishslim” Becker has over 40 years of experience chasing the very addictive hybrid saugeye! He is known across Ohio for saugeye fishing, especially at night-time from the shoreline.

His long-time mentor told him to always pass on what he learned to others so that they too could also enjoy the experience of catching these fish. That is exactly what Fishslim has strived to do and continues to teach others the tactics and techniques to consistently catch saugeye.

Saugeye are fish that feed all year round and can be caught in lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and spillways. They are very different from their mother walleye and father sauger, saugeye have a mind of their own! They will do unexpected things and be in places you may never think to fish. Truly an all-season fish that never stops eating.

Fishslim will help you to learn how to consistently catch saugeye and where to look for them!

Largest saugeye caught 12.2 lbs with 15 others ranging from 11 to 10 lbs.