Fletcher Shryock

MLF Professional Fisherman


Fletcher began fishing and following the Bassmaster anglers at a very young age. At the age of 10 he recorded fishing shows that he named “Fishing with Fletch.” There was no question he wanted to be a Bassmaster pro when he got older.

Fletcher went as far as to hold small fishing tournaments in the small creek behind his house with others kids from his town. At the age of 14 he began racing motocross, but he never lost my love for fishing.

As a motocross racer he qualified for the Amateur National championships three years and then he qualified to compete at the highest level, The AMA motocross and supercross nationals. He competed at this level and held a pro license for three years. He was never able to run at the front of this very competitive and expensive sport in the pro ranks. After a shoulder injury in 2009, he bought himself a small bass boat and has been wide open since!

Two years later in 2011, Fletcher competed in the Bassmaster Southern and Northern opens. He had a victory in one division which qualified him for the Bassmaster Classic and qualified for the Bassmaster Elite Series in the other.
Fletcher is now in the MLF and has his sights set high.