Chuck Earls

Lake Erie Kayak Fishing Guide


f you’re in Northeast Ohio and want to kayak fish the big waters of Lake Erie, there is only one guy – Chuck Earls. Chuck has been fishing Ohio waters for over three decades and is known for three things: Safety, extreme weather fishing, and catching monster walleye! Chuck is a licensed Lake Erie Fishing guide, YouTuber, storyteller, and kayak outfitter. Chuck is on ProStaff for Fish USA and on Team Torqueedo - "the Torqueedo really brings it up a knotch". When you fish with Chuck, you get a lot of information to help you build your angling skills. He takes the time to explain the “why” not just the “how.” Trolling is his preference and Chuck loves to test out new lures, new colors, and new tackle & gear. He targets walleye and steelhead – although when you love to fish as much as Chuck does – the species is secondary. When Chuck isn’t on the water fishing, he’s helping with local cleanup of the shoreline, editing a fishing video or planning his next adventure. ...And, as Chuck always says, “fishing is life!”